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Jaap - 29 / Nov / 2020

Testimonials experts

Testimonials from professionals. They are enthousiast about the Backjoy. Your posture is in the natural S-curve en your pelvis is in the right position.

Testimonials experts
Avis client

Bing Howestein, CEO and founder

There are 3 easy steps to do:
1) Sit all the way on top
2) Pull it snug under you
3) Remove the Backjoy
And feel that your position is not good. All your weight is on your pelvis.

Ashley Osier, Certified Posture Specialist

It does help me to sit up nice and tall. It is comfortable  and it makes you engage your core muscles. This is great! I would recommend using it a little each day to build up the muscles. 

Peter Prust, Posture Expert and Inventor

When we think about sating and how poorly we sit. Our bodies really weren 't made to sit. We sit over 8 hours a day. And it causes a lot of pain and discomfort. The Backjoy really helps with that. Sitting up straight makes it much easier to take a deep breath.


Jaap Santifort, CEO Drogisterij.net

As reseller of Backjoy I have always seen the positive reactions of our customers. The did send me handwritten letters to tell me that they finally could sit without pain. The Backjoy was rated with the full five stars. That convinced me to use the Backjoy my self. Over there years i promoted the Backjoy in my family and with friends as a birthday gift. Nobody has back pains anymore.

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  • Testimonials experts
    29 / Nov / 2020

    Jaap - 29 / Nov / 2020

    Testimonials experts

  • Avis client
    04 / Jun / 2020

    Jaap - 29 / Nov / 2020

    Avis client

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