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Alleviates pressure on the spine and reduces back core muscles's tension.
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Thanks to dynamic sitting, your core muscles (abdominal and back) remains active.
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New BackJoy Posture Core.
Still dynamic, more comfort.
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Sit Comfortably. Support your lumbar.
Be BackJoy.
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BackJoy Europe

Located in Rennes, in the heart of Brittany, BackJoy Europe is a french distribution structure devoted to the European market (EMEA).

With 20 years' experience in ergonomics at the service of comfort and performance, our expertise has been growing for the last 10 years in the well-beeing and health fields.

We have an ambition to help you use every moment of daily life to maintain the muscular tone of the back: adopt a good sitting posture and transform each "passive" period (at your office desk, in the car…) into "active" time.

We are also working with the University of Rennes on the position and movement data with/without BackJoy seats.

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BackJoy, a wide range to improve your posture.

BackJoy’s patented cup-design tilts the pelvis forward, significantly reducing the « negative » tilt caused by sitting, in a natural, non-invasive way. This helps to maintain the natural curvature of the spine, relieving pressure on the spine and reducing muscle-tension in the back and neck.

BackJoy seats promote active and dynamic sitting. They activate your core muscles (abdominal and back), helping you to maintain better posture for a longer time.

SitSmart Range.
Take care of your back, everywhere.
Thanks to its pretty design, you'll enjoy taking your SitSmart on the go, everywhere you need to take care of your back. BackJoy's SitSmart is geared towards dynamic sitting, and is therefore your ideal partner when having sports in mind.

Models: Posture Plus, Traction, Pro Gel.
  • Time of use ★★☆☆☆
  • Dynamic ★★★★★
  • Nomad use, travel, fitness.

SitSmart Core Range.
The new standard for your back.
The Posture Core is our newest iteration of the BackJoy dynamic sits. While beeing our widest model, Posture Core gives you an incredible level of comfort, especially suitable for an all day long use.

Models: Posture Core, Posture Core Traction.
  • Time of use ★★★★★
  • Dynamic ★★★★★
  • Sedentary long use, home, office, car.

Comfort Seat Range.
Sit comfortably and take care of your back!
By supporting the gluteus, SitzRight by BackJoy helps the body to provide natural support to the skeletal system.
Correct sitting posture comes from the neutral position of the pelvis. BackJoy’s lumbar support is an additional way to improve posture.

Models: SitzRight, Lumbar Support.
  • Time of use ★★★★★
  • Dynamic ★★☆☆☆
  • Reinforced support, long use, home, office, car.

Comfort Care.
Therapeutic Seats for bathroom and wheelchairs.
By improving posture, increasing blood flow, and reducing pressure, the BackJoy Care brings comfort to wheelchairs and bathrooms. Its contoured design relieves pressure on the hips so they remain upright in proper alignment, reducing stress on the lower back. Its patented design reduces seat surface temperature and relative humidity by providing continuous airflow for ultimate comfort.
  • Time of use ★★★★★
  • Dynamic ☆☆☆☆☆
  • Long use suited for medical situation.

The BackJoy Experience.

BackJoy, physiotherapists approval

Tested, approved, used and recommended by more than 1 000 therapists from 40 countries, the BackJoy foundation is an extension of their prescription.

From sales people to drivers, administrators and IT workers, users confirm that BackJoy provides relief to chronic back pain and can easily be integrated into everyday lives.

BackJoy, for business.

Back pain at work is no longer a fatality.
Sitting posture and sedentary work are aggravating factors for back pain. Each individual, as well as any responsible company who's taking care of the working conditions of its employees, can act to relieve the back pain caused by sedentary work. We are all concerned and the awareness is now shared. Many companies have implemented a Take Care program. Through simple, non-restrictive gestures, everyday back pain can be taken care of by people as much as by the companies that employ them.

BackJoy, a dynamic approach.

The dynamic foundations of the American brand distributed in France keep gaining renown for their ability to relieve back pain. Recognized by the therapists, the BackJoy seats have been proven in a simple and ergonomic way. They are used all over the world, at workplace, at home or in the car.
The world of sports is not an exception, as sciatic pain, chronic low back pain or others are widespread among golfers, cyclists, tennis players or runners. More and more sportspeople choose the BackJoy seats to have an ergonomic sitting position synonymous with the fit / healthy back, and thus they improve the recovery periods by maintaining the muscle tone of their back.
The BackJoy seats can be used as a real fitness tool that provides a very effective corrective support, by maintaining the back tone in a sitting position, soliciting muscle chains and proprioception mechanisms.

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